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My name is lance pekus,

I am an athletic hard working guy that has found his passion in obstacle racing. I am best know as the Cowboy Ninja off of NBC’s show American Ninja Warrior, competing in season 4 trough 11. I have also been on Spartan’s Ultimate Team Challenge season 1 and 2 as well as competing on Team Ninja Warrior season 1 trough 3. 

My family and i...

My Family and I live in an isolated town in Salmon Idaho, which we love. I currently work seasonally for the Forest Service and the rest of the year I live and work on my Father in Law’s ranch. I love living and working on a Ranch. It always seems like there is something fun or exciting to do or learn. It’s hard work, but its rewarding. And it doesn’t take that much of an imagination to find places or objects to train on.


I believe American Ninja Warrior has taught me to learn from past mistakes and improve on my weaknesses. So I am constantly training on obstacles or finding new and creative ones to build. Because you never know what LIFE might throw at you.


Family is very important to me. I love being a dad and being able to share experiences with my kids while teaching them about life and the ranch.

My amazing wife, Heather has been my biggest inspiration. it was a hard decision, but in season 9 of American ninja warrior we disclosed to the world about her struggles with MS. she is the best mother and wife and the hardest working counselor at the Salmon High School despite her medical struggles. I am currently woking on a page dedicated to her story and recovery.

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