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Lance Pekus is sponsored and encouraged by a number of awesome companies that help make his training and travels possible.  

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Lance here. 

National Beef Council


Thanks to the National Beef council for teaming up with Lance. Not only is ranching and beef a big part of his life, now he also gets help spread the message about healthy eating and how beef plays a huge part in my nutritional goals! View Lance's ranching profile here.

Fun Spot Trampolines


Fun Spot Trampolines makes high-quality ninja courses inside trampoline parks! If you are interested in their high-quality parks or timing system feel free to contact them directly.

The West Clinic


Thank you Dr Jason West and the West Clinic for treating Heather and her MS!


Groove rings make a high-quality silicon rings that Lance can wear no matter what activity he's doing! That way I can continually show my commitment and not worry about losing my ring if I take it off, or worse, lose his finger if he keeps it on!

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